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Applied Behavior Analysis Services Comprehensive Autism Program


Autism Diagnostic Services

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Certified Staff perform the testing using the Autism Diagnostic Observation Schedule 2 (ADOS2), which is considered the gold standard for diagnosis.

Please call us at 267-525-7000 to schedule an appointment.

What Is Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA)?

ABA is a set of principles based in learning and behavior.  It stems from the idea that a person’s behavior is the result of past learning and the current environment.

ABA is evidence-based, which means it has met standards of scientific testing, including its effectiveness and usefulness.

ABA is considered a “best practice” treatment by the U.S. Surgeon General and is endorsed by many other organizations including The Autism Society of America, The National Institute of Mental Health, and The American Academy of Pediatrics.

How does ABA work?

Our clinicians work with your family to develop an individualized program for your child.  Each program uses research-based techniques to decrease challenging behaviors while simultaneously teaching valuable replacement skills.

Our goal is to reduce challenging behaviors including:

  • Tantrum
  • Aggression
  • Self-injury
  • Repetitive behaviors
  • Noncompliance and more.

We also teach important skills including:

  • Communication
  • Social skills
  • Tolerance
  • Daily living tasks
  • Community safety and involvement

What strategies are used?

Every child’s plan is individualized based on specific needs, as identified through an initial assessment.  All strategies are developed from research-supported and well-established practices.  Some common strategies used in ABA include positive reinforcement, discrete trial training, task analysis, prompting, modeling, generalization, and maintenance.

Services Offered

We offer ABA Services for individuals ages 2 through 21 with Autism Spectrum Disorder and related diagnoses.

The services offered include:

  • In-home services
  • School services
  • Center-based programming
  • Consultation
  • Caregiver training

Our Team Members

The BCBA (Board Certified Behavioral Analyst) and BC (Behavioral Consultant) are the team leaders who design and oversee your child’s personalized program. They are responsible for plan development and ongoing assessment which allows them to measure your child’s   progress through data analysis.

RBT  (Registered Behavioral Technician) and  BHT  (Behavioral Health Technician). These team members work directly with your child and family, implementing the plan strategies and programming activities developed by the team leaders. Through one-on-one interaction, these team members implement the plan and collect data, which is submitted to the team leader for analysis.  These hands-on activities are essential to achieving the goals developed for your child by the team leader.

Data Informed Support: Each month, data gathered by the RBT / BHT is analyzed by your team leader to monitor progress and, as appropriate, update your child’s individualized plan. This data driven approach allows the team to adjust strategies as needed to help ensure the best outcome.  

Our Family-Centric Approach: We extend our strategies beyond our interactions with your child to collaborate with family members to reinforce positive behaviors at home, in school and in the community to help ensure lasting change.

Therapeutic Goals:

Communication and Social Skills Development:  Simple methods to enhance expression and understand direction.

Independence of Daily Living:  Interventional support, essential for self- care, family interaction and household related activities.

Community Engagement: Strategies to improve participation in social and educational settings.  

Insurance Coverage

Applied Behavior Analysis is covered by Pennsylvania Medical Assistance under Intensive Behavioral Health Services (IBHS) as managed through Community Behavioral Health (CBH), Magellan Health Choices and Community Care Behavioral Health (CCBH). We also participate with certain commercial insurance carriers including Independence Blue Cross Personal Choice and Keystone Health Plan East.  Please contact us directly at (267) 525-7000 and we will help evaluate your coverage options.

If you have questions regarding Medical Assistance, or don’t know if your insurance covers Applied Behavior Analysis, please call us at 267-525-7000 and ask for the Reimbursement Manager.

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